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Home Office / Entertainment Furniture Buying Tips

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The office, whether at work or at home, is a very important room. It is an expression of personal taste and a place where all the important business of the day takes place. When buying office furniture, there are a few ideas to keep in mind that will help make your office as attractive as it is functional. Here are some tips for buying office furniture.


Step 1:
Prioritize your needs. Decide what specific things are most important for the functionality of your office space before you go furniture shopping. If you need space for a computer, a secure location to store paperwork or room for reference books, remember these things when shopping.


Step 2:
Exercise practicality. Of course you want your office to be stylish, but it also needs to be beneficial and help you get work done. The 10-foot Italian marble desk might look good, but it will be of no use to you if it has nowhere for you to store files and is so big that nothing else fits in your office.


Step 3:
Look for storage options. Depending on whether your office is utilized for business or personal use, you will need to store books, bills, paperwork, files and other materials so look for furniture with lots of drawers and storage space.


Step 4:
Consider security options. If you are storing sensitive materials or material containing personal information, such as bank records or credit reports, these items need to be kept secure. Look for desks and filing cabinets with hidden compartments and drawers or steel-reinforced locking drawers whose key can remain in your possession.


Step 5:
Match the room. Your office should look smart and well put together so consider the décor of the rest of the room when buying your office furniture. Match pre-existing woodwork and compliment paint or wallpaper on the walls. It is not necessary to buy all of your furniture as a set but look for pieces that match and look good together.



How good is that entertainment center you’re thinking of buying? How can you tell if the construction is sound, the drawers will work, the hardware is durable?

1. Feel the weight of drawers and doors. High-quality furniture has a sense of weight, scale and solidity to it.

2. Large cabinets, entertainment centers, sideboards, etc., should have leveling devices in the base. Keeping big items level is important because otherwise doors tend to stick.

3. There should be sash locks (metal latches) under the table leaves and table top.

4. When you buy wood furniture, drawers should work smoothly and should not bind when extended.

5. Drawer interiors should be smooth to the touch, sanded and sealed.

6. Glass shelves should be at least 3/8 inches thick and have plate grooves.

7. Better-end display cabinets should have halogen lighting, line switches and rheostats.

8. Upper-end manufacturers use heavier, more substantial, more decorative hardware.

9. Inspect hinges to determine if they are solidly secure and can handle the load of the door.

10. Check to see if there are dust panels (horizontal partitions) between drawers. They should be wood on the best items, cardboard or nonexistent on less expensive items. Dust panels keep dust and varmints from coming up under the piece and soiling the contents of the drawers, but they are not critical to structural integrity.

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